Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Time in Paradise

It’s almost time…the weather has turned to summer and the clock is ticking. My migration urges have begun to stir, just about every evening now I catch myself looking south. I find myself constantly day-dreaming about the islands. Those warm waters are warming my heart and the breaking waves are calling my name. Come home. Come home to the islands.

The siren’s song is hypnotizing me. I can hear them each night on the warm moist breeze billowing up from the south. They sing me to sleep each night and wake me softly each morning. I can smell their perfumed sent on the breeze each day now, jasmine in bloom and sweet island scents have awakened my hibernating soul. And my soul is restless yeaning to return to my rest in the islands.

Daily I feel the tug of the tropics. Just as the ocean feels the pull of the moon the islands in the Florida Keys are pulling me to return. Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pin, Big Torch, Little Torch, Cudjoe, Sugarloaf and Key West their beauty engulfs my daily thoughts. Like beautiful lovers they call to me to come back and share days of joy and nights of pleasure with them. They are like priceless creamy white pearls resting on the neck of my lover the ocean. Soon I will not be able to resist their calling and I soon will go.

My work suffers. I still carve but I make less progress than the day before. Even the tikis have stopped calling for me to carve them from their palm pole prisons. They know their cries are becoming lost in the pleasurable melody of the islands. To me there is no force stronger than the pull of the islands. And soon I will go.

Soon I will go. Back to the islands of the Florida Keys and take my fill of their wonderful pleasures. Soft warm tropical breezes carrying intoxicating scents that calm my spirit and heals my mind of the injuries that life has brought to me over the past year, a slow unhurried pace that gives me time to heal.

These islands, these lovers of mine bring me great pleasure each time I indulge in them. My appetite becomes huge when I visit the islands and they pleasure me with their delights. Unmatched culinary delights await me there with some of the freshest seafood in the world. Lazy days of lounging by pools and beach, or walking paths trod by famous artist and unknowns alike. Taking days getting lost is some of the many tributaries, tidal pools and cut back that make these islands so alluring. Finding local watering holes that are so out-of-the-way that they sometimes become lost themselves, and then getting lost myself.

Loosing myself in the islands is how I find my true self. The islands of the Florida Keys have a way of stripping each person of their pretensions self. The self that we project to others and even ourselves are of no concern to the islands and they will strip you bear of these self imposed shackles just as a lover caresses your shirt from your shoulders. It’s exhilarating, it’s passionate, it’s so personal it makes me shutter. It’s time to go.