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Illegals Go Home

Have you ever crashed a party?
Ever been in a group of people that did not want you around? What did you do? Have a few free drinks. Have a few laughs. Talk to a few people. Yea it usually is fun for a while. Then if you are like most civil minded people you begin to feel uncomfortable. You begin to feel unwanted. So what do you do? You leave.

That’s the way I see this immigration problem. The people who have entered the US illegally have had their fun. They’ve lived off the fat of the land, and our pocketbooks, long enough. And now it is time for them to leave.

Here is a great website that puts my feeling into a short concise statement click here

I am mad as hell at what I have witnessed in the media the past few days. Criminals emboldened by a few political groups, screaming for an equal status as every other law-abiding citizen of this country. How dare them stand up and demand something that they are not entitled to! How dare them break the law and then demand the law protect them! How dare them try and steal my children’s birthright! How dare them!

Yes, I have heard all the arguments –
They are poor and just looking for a better life for themselves and their families. Aren’t we all? Isn’t that the great American dream? Isn’t that what fuels the economic engine that makes this country great? Yes, almost – the key ingredient that everyone seems to be overlooking is that we all work toward this goal of a better life within the confines of the laws of this country.

They have no opportunities in the home country.
Since when has that become our concern. I am sorry I have to be so blunt b we cannot support the standard of living for the entire world. We are great but not that great. Other countries have to step up and take care of their own economic problems and stop relying on the US to do it for them.

This is a country of immigrants, what give us the right to stop someone from coming to this country for a better life.
Yes! We are a country of Legal immigrants. Whether 1st generation or 5th generation, our families came to this country legally through the front door. We did not sneak in the back door. We pay or taxes and obey the laws of this country. We are a country of immigrants, but more importantly we are a country established under the rule of law. This country works because we have established laws and rules that everyone must play by. We also have consequences for people who break our laws. This is what defines a civilization.

What I have seen the past few days is analogous to someone breaking into you home, eating your food, using your electricity and water, basically living in your home for years while you work to support them and your family. Then when you ask them to leave they demand to stay because you did not kick them out on their ass when they first broke in.

Our elected officials do not seem to have the courage to do what is right. They waffle in congress, making grand speeches and compromises. But they refuse to do what the majority of the legal citizens of this country demand them do. They have proven to me and many others that are spineless cowards who are only interested in keeping their job even at the expense of their constituent’s jobs.

There is no easy solution. However there is only one solution. That is close the boarders, round up the illegal immigrants and deport them. No amnesty. No incentives. No new laws. Just enforce the current laws.

Close the borders. All immigrants must be processed through the current, proper channels. Like everyone else had to go through, for the last 200 years, to obtain right to work and live in this country.

Deportation. If you broke the law and entered this country illegally then, to be far to the other 200 million that came here legally, you must leave. Go apply to immigrate to this country legally, in your own country of origin.


Blogger Will Turman said...

I agree with you. There are laws on the books that state that it is illegal for employers to hire an illegal immigrant, and also that any undocumented immigrant is eligible for deportation. These have been grossly neglected and unenforced. With 12 million illegal immigrants getting paid under the table, you would think lawmakers would feel a sense of urgency in either enforcing the current laws or replacing them with stricter laws.

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Blogger Travel Italy said...

My wife is a legal immigrant. We did all the paperwork, spent the money and waited the time. I also went through the naturalization process in Italy gaining citizenship after 10 years, numerous visits, lots of money and lots of paperwork.

If a legal citizen breaks a law he ends up in the court system and may go to jail. Why is immigration any different? Are the laws just for law abiding citizens while illegals can do anything they want? I thought justice was blind.

Just because we do not agree with a law we do not have the right to break it. I for one do not believe in Federal Income Taxes, does this mean I can not pay them and will receive a pardon for not paying taxes?

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Blogger TPS said...

I realize that my opinion differs from yours, and likely you will strike this note from your records, but I think it's important to discuss these issues--at least hear me out.

Look, I understand your perspective. I believe illegal immigration is a huge problem (though not for the reasons you give in your article) that needs a heads-up solution. Still, I can't pass up one of these conversations without adding a few thoughts that land at a different angle.

The first, fundamental issue is the difference between legal and illegal. For example, Travel Italy writes this:

"My wife is a legal immigrant. We did all the paperwork, spent the money and waited the time. I also went through the naturalization process in Italy gaining citizenship after 10 years, numerous visits, lots of money and lots of paperwork."

There is an important reason for the legal process. In this way, our government maintains the ability to track population statistics, to study emigration patterns, and, most importantly, to determine characteristics of the acceptable immigrant.

Therefore, immigration to the United States of America is regulated by a relatively extensive legal process.

Still, we need to think this through a bit.

The most obvious arguments for forcibly shutting the borders against illegal immigration are the financial ramifications, and the effects such immigrants may have on civil order.


--Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, but they require federal support for health, protection, and education.
--After crossing the border, illegal immigrants take jobs that legal, taxpaying citizens want.

To some extent, these are valid issues. But using history as a model, the "billions-plus price tag" given to the financial cost of supporting illegal immigrants is an illusion. No immigrant population within the United States has, in history, produced a long-term deficit on the economy. Demographic deficits come from unemployment drains on the federal system; there are no historical instances of immigration waves causing long-term drains. More in a sec.


Maybe there would be fewer conflicts if illegal immigration were eliminated altogether. But consider the environment immigrants encounter, how hostile, unfriendly, how foreign the environment has been made for them.

Why, then, do waves of immigrants still struggle to find their way from, most recently, Cuba, Mexico . . . in an illegal manner . . .

The most common reason is this: they are fleeing abusive or negligent governments. If you are responsible for the health of your family, and your government has deemed you a political black mark because you speak against oppression, how are you going to find legal backing on either side of the border for immigration?

What would you do? If your political beliefs prevent you from obtaining gainful employment (though you may be a surgeon, a scientist, a professor--as many Soviet immigrants were) what will you do?

Using the Soviet example, wave upon wave of highly educated adults attempted to immigrate because of political censure. Those few who eventually found their way here (legally or other) were forced to take menial labor posts. Their creditentials were invalid here. Nevertheless, facing a choice between endangering their families and cleaning toilets in the States, they chose to come here.

And the simple fact of the matter is this: so did we! Some minority few among us "legal citizens" arrived with or descended from the original colonists. The rest of us are immigrants.

Again, a percentage managed to immigrate legally; most of us did not. We found our way through the borders because of our sheer numbers. And most of us came to the States for the same exact reasons the "illegal" immigrants have: fleeing political or religious persecution, protecting familes, attempting to better their lives.

It just so happens that, right now, at this moment, the United States has chosen a new direction for its pursuit of freedom. "Bring us your tired masses yearning to breathe free" has become "making the world safe for democracy."

The two central points I'm trying to make are these: first, allowing motivated, persecuted individuals to cross the border in an easier manner (for example, we could reconsider the lengthy financial immigration process) will not produce the huge deficit in the economy that many people assume; and finally, if we really want to shut the borders, we should be carefully aware of the political choice we are making--both locally and globally.

The foundation of our country was based on certain, "self-evident" truths. Now that we the people are comfortable with our own lot, do we also feel comfortable changing our standards of freedom?

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