Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The world will eventually destroy itself with good intentions so there is no reason for me to participate in the self-destruction. The Schiavo quagmire is the perfect example. Two sides with wildly differing ideas of what is good for this poor woman and neither side cares to ask her what see wants. No you may think that is a stupid statement since she is considered to be a vegetable, but I say they should at least try.

The human race has always developed and eagerly embarrassed technology before they completely understand it implications. This can be exemplified in the medical technology that has spawned this most recent discourse in human rights that are swirling around Ms. Schiavo. We also lived with the shadow of nuclear technology form the 1940 till today.

And as I sit here carving I wonder what will be the technology breakthrough that ultimately brings on our destruction. What will be the advancement that we split our common physic and doom us to complete destruction? Will it be cloning that pits us against each other. Maybe computer technology will in itself rise up and kill us off. I don’t know. But what I do know is based on our past history something is bound to touch off an new blood letting that will surly be the end of or time on this earth.

That is why I listen to the waves more than the world. Long after we are all dead and gone the waves will continue their eternal cycles against the beach. Their constant and repetitive motion against the land calms my soul. As long as I look to the sea and not the land I live in peace. As long as I live with nature and not mankind I feel at peace.

So if you are looking to experience something permanent in your life, go sit on the beach for a while. Enjoy the sun, revel in the seagulls and listen to the age-old sounds of eternity. It will calm your soul and center your life.


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