Wednesday, August 10, 2005

360 Shove-It 2 Foot On The Nose

I really like this trick because when you stick it you really look good. It’s not that hard to master either, just a lot of practice and bruises.

Start with a 2-foot nose wheelie. Get ready to jump with your knees slightly bent. As you jump use your ankles to push the board into a 360 degree spin. This is the hardest part. After you master getting your board to spin the rest is pretty much timing. The board will spin and you will return to mother earth.

Hopefully you started this trick with plenty of open space in front of you, because you’ve got to watch the board not where you are going. While you are in the air and the board is spinning beneath your feet watch the board and anticipate when to catch it with your feet. You want the board to be pointing in the same direction as when you started, the direction of travel. Got it? Oh never mind you’ll get it! (ha-ha)

When the board is in the right position stop it with your feet and stick it to the ground. Adjust your direction and balance and away you go. Amazing everyone around.

Simply a work of art.


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